Who ever said that the best things come in small packages, and the longer you have to wait for something, the more special it is had no idea how true their words were.

Our precious baby girl was born two weeks ago, three months before her due date. At birth, she weighed only a fraction of what a normal baby would, and doctors gave her a thirty percent chance of survival. After waiting so long for something, and finally having our wishes granted, it seemed too cruel to have it all taken away from us so soon. The impending loss of our greatest joy put both me and my wife into a deep pit of despair. However as hours, and eventually days ticked by, and ever so slowly our child began to grow healthier, we were lifted from this pit and found love that we never knew possible for our child. the news that we may bring our child home tomorrow has left us both very excited and restless. My wife right now, being out visiting her family, and doing more shopping for baby items, has left me alone to my thoughts, and the opportunity to write.

Under much insistence me and my wife finally packed a few things, and drove the two and a half hours to her mothers house. We were greeted with a hug and ushered into the house to un-pack. Over dinner that evening her mother told us that we had to stay with her for awhile after the baby was born. upon asking why, I was greeted with the remark that it had been a long time since there had been a baby in the house, and that she wanted to enjoy being a grandmother for awhile. Me and my wife laughed and agreed to stay for a few days after the baby was born.

Since the baby was not due for another three months about, i could not take that much time off from work. In the morning i said my good byes and began the drive back to our home. I had arranged it with my boss to allow me to travel back up a week before my wife was due, and to spend a short two days with her after the baby was born before i would have to return to work. I had not been home for more than ten minutes before my wife called to make sure i had arrived at home safely. We talked for a few minutes before i took a shower and got dressed to go to work a few hours late. It seemed strange coming home and not having her there waiting for me those first few days. It did give me a lot of time to myself however, and time to visit friends and do other things, but no matter what i was doing, i always managed to call her every evening right after i got home from work, and every night right before i went to bed.

About one week after my wife had been at her mother's, i received a call on my way to work from her mother. My wife started having contractions that morning and was on her way to the hospital at that moment. i quickly thanked her for calling, then called my boss and told him of what was happening while quickly driving to the hospital so many hours away. After what seemed like forever i found a parking space and ran down the hallway in the hospital. I almost ran into her mother and the doctor and the doctor showed me the way to wash up and get scrubs on so i could join my wife, already in labor. Upon walking into the room, my wife told me that if i wanted any more children, that i was giving birth to it. I smiled and gently held her hand. We talked to each other, her mother and doctors until her contractions began to get closer together and she was brought to the operating room to give birth. She squeezed my hand tightly and pushed when the doctor told her. I kept trying to get her to stay focused on my eyes, and that seemed to work for a little while until the baby actually began to be born. It was very hard on me to see my wife in so much pain, but i kept doing my best to comfort her. After many hours of being in labor, our child was born, and immediately rushed away from us to intensive care. I left her mother talking to her, while i followed the nurses with our child. i could only watch helplessly as tubes and needles entered our child. After a few minutes, the doctor came out and told that they were doing everything that they could to save the childs' life, but chances were not very good that she would live. He said that the first forty eight to seventy two hours would be the most critical and decisive. I carried this sad news back to my wife, who was sleeping quietly and her mother. I relayed what the doctor had told me to her mother, and we both looked at my wife, sleeping gently, still beautiful as always. We agreed that it would be better for me to give her the information when she awoke. Every time i heard footsteps outside, i prayed that it was the doctor coming back to tell us that our child was going to be ok, and we could take him home in a few days, but it never was. Her mother eventually went home about midnight, and i fell asleep sitting in a chair beside her bed, still holding her hand. My wifes' stirring woke me in the morning, and i once again had to face the grim reality about our child. After i shared the information with her, i was surprised at her strength showed by gently squeezing my hand and telling me everything would be ok. I looked at her for a moment, then gently hugged her and told her she was probably right. She smiled and replied that since i was always right, she was due in to be right also. I laughed and kissed her on the forehead before going to the cafeteria to get something to eat.

Her mother showed up again about noon and we all got things together for my wife being discharged. Before we left however, we took a walk through the maternity ward, and then to the intensive care unit where our baby was being held. We looked at her for a minutes, then left the hospital and began the drive back to her mothers house. When we arrived, my sister-in-law was already there, and had made lunch for all of us. We thanked her and talked about the baby and other things over lunch. Her sister went home after dinner and my wife went to bed soon after. I stayed awake for a few hours talking to her mother, then i finally went to bed myself.

For the nex several days we visted the hospital together to see our baby. I had to travel home soon though to go back to work, and i was overjoyed when i received an excited call from my wife saying that she was finally allowed to hold and feed our child. I cannot wait until i get a chance to hold our child in my arms, and i was elated to find out that our child would be coming home tomorrow. I plan on taking the day off from work, and driving up in the morning so i can go to the hospital with my wife and pick up our child. my wife will stay a few days with her mother as promised, and i will drive back up to bring her home this saturday.

It is fair to assume that wallpaper is dry in the baby's room, so it is time to paint stars on the ceiling before my wife gets home and discovers she has other ideas for the room.