The fact that we are going to have a baby has finally set in with us. We have been doing calculations and figures of just how much money we are going to need and just how much we are going to cut back. True we do still have the second savings bond, but we want to save that in case of a dire financial emergency. From what we have calculated, we will have enough money to cover the cost of hospital bills and all other situations where money is needed, as long as we each sacrifice a little. She is going to cancel her magazine subscriptions, and I am going to give up cable television. Basic television never hurt anyone, and besides, as many channels as we had, canceling it is going to save us a great deal of money per month. We can always renew it later along with the magazines.

Over breakfast this morning we talked about how wonderful it was that we were going to be parents. She asked me how everything was going at work, and I told her that a position was opening for a few hours of work on Saturday in the morning, be done before ten. I asked her if she wanted me to try and get that, as it would be an added source of income. She said that if I wanted to go for it, that was ok, but we had the money and resources now. I don't think I will apply for it, I am working almost eleven hours a day now, and I want to be home more often. After we were finished eating, I gave her a kiss and left for work knowing she would leave soon herself. She has decided not to take off until she is about 7 months along, mostly under my continual persisting that she didn't need the extra stress so early to giving birth.

I am home now on my lunch break thinking of all that we have been through together. When we first met, it was as if we knew we would spend the rest of our lives with each other. We began to date, and she met my parents. They fell in love as her as I did, although, not quite in the same manner. They warned me however to be careful, that I was still young and there were many of fish in the sea so to speak. They were none too saddened however by the wedding invitation that they received some months later.

The night before the wedding I was so nervous. Be it the overwhelming joy of knowing I had found the person of my dreams, the extreme nervousness of pondering if I was making the right choice, or if I would make a good husband, or even father for that matter, or the anxiety that everything would go well; I only received a few short hours of rest, and I know my soon to be wife, probably pondering the same articles, did not sleep much either.

The next morning was the most important of both of our lives. Everything looked perfect, a red carpet flowing through the center aisle of a sea of white chairs. The altar at the end of the carpet looked beautiful, with two small steps encircling it. The flowers behind it offered the appearance of a storybook wedding. There were only a few, small puffy clouds in the sky, and only a gentle breeze was blowing. The band was set up and quietly tuning and practicing on both sides of the chairs. It all seemed too magical, too perfect, as if it were all taken out of a childhood fairy tale. Suddenly the ceremony was starting and I found myself standing at the edge of the red carpet in front of the sea of chairs, now filled with family and friends. The band began to play, and the love of my life appeared at the other end of the carpet with her arm intertwined with her fathers. Her young niece was in front dropping rose petals as they walked toward me. They reached the edge of the carpet, and her father let go of her arm, and she joined mine, together we walked up the two steps and stood at the top of the altar. Suddenly from across the lawn came my nephew running with the rings and pillow in hand. Everyone smiled, and he climbed the steps and stood next to me. Each of us wrote our own vows, and so we read them to each other. Everything seemed like a dream, and before I knew it, I found myself saying, "I do", placing the ring upon her delicate finger, and giving her a kiss to the applause and cheers of the elated friends and family. We ran down the aisle past a seeming gauntlet of rice throwers, and into the house where the caterers had food stretched on long tables, and sitting in the center was a large cake. Together we held the knife and cut a small portion of it and placed it on a plate, she turned around to pick up two forks and upon turning around, I smeared the cake in her face and ran. She laughed and grabbed a piece of cake and began to chase me through the crowd of laughing people. She finally cornered me, and smiling sweetly approached me. She put her arm around me and began to walk back toward the cake, when suddenly her other arm flew around and smeared cake in my face, to the great laughter of everyone, including my own. We wiped the cake and icing from our faces and sat down to eat. After lunch, the band started playing again and everyone cleared the floor so we could dance. We stared into each other's eyes, and she finally rested her head on my shoulder as we danced. After the song everyone clapped again and her father asked if he could cut in, I sat at our table while he danced with her, still trying to make sure that all of this was real. A good friend of mine came and sat down next to me and seeming to read my mind told me that everything was really happening. I laughed and we danced for awhile before I went back and danced with my bride for the rest of the evening. Soon one by one as it grew later, the guests began to leave until it was just us and our families. We talked for awhile, but soon we left, her parents going to their hotel, and my parents going to bed. We arrive at our apartment, which only a few days previous started to move into. We talked for a little while longer before we went to bed.

From the moment we each woke up in the morning, we couldn't stop smiling at each other. Later that day, our parents came over to help finish with our moving in, and my parents brought the rest of the wedding presents that we didn't take last night. During the day we received several congratulatory phone calls. In the last few days we have been so busy with everything that we haven't had time to go shopping, so we simply ordered a pizza for dinner. We go from storybook wedding, to classic young newly-weds. Sparsely furnished apartment eating pizza on the couch, and watching a movie on a small television set sitting on a box of unpacked items, but we couldn't be happier.

It would be more than three years before we purchased the house we are living in now near her parents. After my parents died we simply packed up and moved. Her parents helped us to pay for the house and I quickly found work. We offered many times to pay them back for their generosity, but they will have none of it.

Alas it is time for me to return to work. I must remember to take off early so that I can go with her to the doctor.