It's been four years now, and yet it feels like only last week. Four years of falling in love with each other over and over again. Four years of always being true to each other, and always being there for each other. It seems like just last week that we were being told it wouldn't last, or it was a bad idea.

We went out to dinner tonight in celebration, of course we ordered the same thing we always do, it's grown into a sort of tradition. It will be a sad day when that restaurant closes. It holds so many memories for us. Over dinner we reminisced about the years we have known each other, and been together. How we seemed made for each other, and came together like 2 pieces of a beautiful jigsaw puzzle the first time we met. I couldn't help but remark to her that she looks more beautiful than the day that I met her. We talked of things to come, of friends, and family. Also the topic of children was once again brought up. It seems to become an almost bi-monthly conversation between us. With both of us working however, it leaves little time for a child, so it is usually a short conversation. We both feel that leaving the child with a sitter during the day would prevent us from developing a strong bond with it, and we should wait until we are financially secure enough to take the time from work to care for a child. I should be getting a promotion at work soon however, and if that happens, we will sit down, and talk more seriously about having a child. Oh how I hope for that promotion, I know she does too.

After dinner, we drove to a small park a few miles from our home, which, during the day is filled with many laughing and smiling children, but now at night was empty. We watched the sun go down together in near silence. I don't believe either of us spoke more than a dozen words while we were there. We just held each other and watched the light gently fade from the sky. It never ceases to amaze me how much love I can have for her, and it fills me with such joy to know that she feels the same about me. We must have lain there on the grass looking up at passing stars and clouds for hours, holding each other in our arms, and hoping for many more years to come. More than one wish was made on shooting stars tonight. With much effort, we finally left the park for the only reason that we were afraid we would fall asleep right there in the grass, and that we wanted to get home so that we could finish our evening. We didn't mind that it had begun to rain very lightly despite the almost cloudless sky. The light from the moon and stars provided ample lighting for us to find our way back to the car and begin the drive home.

On the short drive back home, we found each other smiling at each other, and holding hands, with me steering with only one. Four years and will still act like teenagers around each other, I hope that never changes. Once again very little was said aside from the occasional "I love you". We have discovered that on special nights such as these, we say very little, yet understand each other perfectly. It is almost as if we are sharing a kind of mental bond that links our two minds together, enabling us to talk without speaking, and understand without listening, as if our two souls are connected. Maybe that is what someone being your soulmate means. As we pulled into the garage, I couldn't control myself, and carried her into the house. She let out a laugh, and nestled down into my arms. I gently sat her down on the sofa, and put my arm around her. The only illumination in the room was the soft glow from the television as we watched the video of our wedding, but yet I could still see every beautiful curve of her face. We laughed and reminisced more. I find it so wonderful that i'm more in love with her now than ever before. We watched the video late into the nigh until she fell asleep in my arms. I quietly and softly carried her to our bedroom and placed her in the bed. I kissed her softly, and came downstairs, where I sit now writing this. The only sound being the gentle tapping of my fingers on the keys, and the occasional stirring of the cat on the arm of the char. I will soon join my lovely wife in bed, as I grow increasingly tired from this evening. Tonight was wonderful, and there is nothing that I would change, or can imagine I would want to change about it. I look forward to spending more of them with her, and loving her more with each passing day.