"For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee." Proverbs 23:7

What we think in our hearts and minds is truly a reflection of who we really are. How can we love one another if we think badly of them? How can we follow the teachings of the lord if we have impure thoughts in our mind? The answer for both is, we can't. Think of it like a television or computer screen. As just about everyone knows, dust collects quite readily on these. The more dust that builds up on the screen, the more distorted the picture becomes and the harder it is to see it. A message is trying to be sent to us, but it's harder to perceive than it should be. The more dirt that builds up on the screen, the harder and harder it is to get the whole picture. Eventually, if left alone, the screen will gather so much dirt that you won't be able to see anything at all on it, but the dirt. Also, the more dirt that accumulates on the screen, the harder it becomes to clean. The same thing goes for our hearts and minds. Throughout the day we pick up bits of dust from our surroundings. If our surroundings are absolutly clean, then no dust will gather on us, because there is no dust. However, very few of us are afforded this, and no matter what, we are surrounded by some amount of dirt. We may not even notice it at first. Often it accumulates so slowly that we don't really notice it until we go to clean the screen. Once all the dirt is cleaned away, the picture seems so much brighter and clearer. If we were to clean the screen everyday, we'd have very little cleanup, unless something out of the ordinary happened. The more dirt that is in or hearts and minds, the harder it is for us to see the messages that are being sent to us by heavenly father.

Everything just becomes easier when we avoid the dust and dirt. Sometimes it's impossible to, but other times it's not. To avoid it, you have to be able to see it. In a dimly lit room, it's very difficult to see it; in a brighty lit room it is not. Have you ever walked through a room, and the curtains were parted a little? A beam of light comes through the crack in the curtains and the dust is illuminated in the light. The lord is our light, our ray of sunshine showing us the dust. By following his teachings we can tell when there is dust around us, and keep from getting dirty

If we are dirty, we can wipe ourselves clean by following the teachings of the lord, by reading the scriptures, by praying always, and doing our best to avoid a situation in which we might become dirty again. As anyone who has ever cleaned a room, or just about anything else can tell you, dust is everywhere, and that things like scotchguard and wood protectors are life savers. The lord is our protector. By following him, it is very difficult for the dirt to penetrate deep into us, and it is easier to wipe away.

Tim Collins 4-11-2002